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Put compliance on autopilot because, honestly, who wants to do it manually? You don’t need a PhD to figure our solution out—it just works. 

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Built for your needs

Custom Workflows? Yep.

Automate Your Templates? Of course.

Import Your Stuff? Easy peasy.

Your Compliance Control Room: Handle It All Here

Manage all the things—privacy program, ROPA, DSAR, DPIAs, TIAs, and those pesky data breaches. All from one spot.

Custom-fit Compliance: Your Rules, Our Platform

From the rigor of NIST to the precision of ISO, not forgetting the unique blend of your own standards, Conformally is the canvas for your compliance masterpiece.

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Let us show you how to put compliance on autopilot. We will lead you every step of the way.

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And… one (or two) more thing(s)


AI: Not Just a Buzzword Here

Hesitant about AI? That’s totally fine; it’s not for everyone. But, if you’re curious about what the future of compliance looks like, we’ve got some AI-powered features that might just change your mind.

Achieve Your Perfect Workflow or We Build It For Free

Dream big with our platform—whatever you aim to achieve in compliance, we’re here to make it happen. And on the off chance we don’t offer what you need, we’ll develop it for you, free of charge. That’s our pledge to turn your goals into reality.

Get On Board and Let’s Go!

Let us show you how to put compliance on autopilot. We will lead you every step of the way.

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I have a startup, is Conformally suitable for my needs?

Totally! Unlike some companies, we are not aiming only at big corporations with deep pockets. We take your situation into account. In the end, compliance is for everyone. 

My company has global presence. Can conformally manage multiple jurisdictions?

Yes! We have build our platforms as a framework for your compliance. It works for all jurisdictions and legal systems. 

Can I use my organisation's templates and workflows in your system?

Yes! This is one of our best features. We know how important your workflows and templates are and that’s why we will help you integrate them into our system at no additional cost!

I don't have a privacy pro in my team, can I use the software?

Definitely. First, our platform is made to be easy to use from anyone, not only professionals. However, the person in charge will need to have some knowledge about the privacy regulations applicable to you.

If you are short on expertise, you can use our consulting services. Just let us know during the initial call and we will set up everything for you. 

My organisation has a privacy professional/team. Why would I use additional software?

Compliance is an ongoing process which takes a lot of time. The thing is, you have to be able to prove your compliance at any point. This means your privacy team or professional will be involved in a lot of admin work. It’s much better use of their talent to put most of the tasks on autopilot and focus their attention on the big picture.

What is the Build for Free Guarantee?

We are confident we can help you put compliance on autopilot. We will help you integrate your own workflows into the system is crucial. 

First, we make an assessment if we can really fit your needs. We don’t want to waste each other’s time. You will need to provide us information about your existing workflows. 

If there is a workflow you cannot use with our software we will build it for your for free. Please note we do this based on the initial assessment. Any workflows you develop after the initial assessment are not covered. 

How do you use AI technologies?

AI is getting more and more powerful by the day and that’s why we decided to implement some AI features into our solution. We believe AI can help you better manage your compliance obligations and save you a lot of time. 

However, we understand that not everyone wants to use AI and that’s why all AI features are completely optional, meaning none of the software’s features will stop working if you are not using AI. 

We have very carefully decided where to enhance our software with AI features. We have assessed the cases where it will bring you the most value while requiring the minimal amount of personal data. Generally, we don’t use any AI technologies where personal data is probable to be shared.

For example, we have AI features suggesting AI enhanced text based on your input while performing a DPIA or TIA. These assessments are not done for a specific indivifual but rather for the whole processing activities.